Your HR Answer!


HR Audits - How is your department doing these days?  Engage Mortensson Services to review your policies and procedures.  Receive a detailed report with suggestions for improvements.

HR Metrics Review - We can review your HR metrics on turnover, retention, hiring processes or sources.

Compensation studies - Are your salaries competitive in your labor market?  We can analyze, review, and make suggestions.

HR Policy writing - need your policies updated?

Employee Handbook - need a handbook or need your handbook updated or revised?  We specialize in employee communication.

Coaching - for executives or managers.  Want to develop the talent of your managerial staff?  Let us help you.  We have extensive experience in coaching for success.


Employee Activities - let us help you create a workplace that your staff likes!  We can help you implement proven strategies to help you become one of the best places to work!